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The purpose of this chapter shall be to create an enthusiasm for superior scholarship, to develop citizenship, to stimulate a desire to serve; to promote leadership; and to instill exemplary qualities of character. 

Advisor:  Ms. Dizon                                                                                                    SIGN UP FOR REMIND 101
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NJHS Ross Middle School

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Important Announcements                         

2017 NJHS Application is now available.  You can download a copy of Application below:

           2017 NJHS Application Form

Attention Teachers:  

Most announcements and forms will now be posted in Schoology.  You will have access to it as long as you are an invited member of the class.  

  Meetings are at 7:30am on the third Tuesday of every month with the exception of September and                                     December
                                               Remember to maintain GPA 3.3

Service Opportunities                                     
        Check Schoology Often
        Ronald McDonald House
        Teacher Appreciation Day
        Entertainment Tonight 

Meeting Agendas                                            

        If you miss meeting make sure you read the agendas               in your Schoology Calendar for NJHS. 


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Rina Dizon,
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