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Dream Team

From left to right: 
Mrs. Woodrum (science), Mrs. Rettig (8th Grade LA), Mr. Henry (Social Studies), Mrs. Jarvis (
7th Grade LA), Mrs. Conrad (Intervention Specialist)
7th Grade:

8th Grade:


Dream Team Parent Info Form 

(due Friday, August 18)

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Parents:Tips to help your student… 

1.   Your child is to track their HW by using the calendar in their Schoology account. 

    • Schoology is linked to their school Google account.
    • Schoology has an App for electronic devices.
    • Parents can create a Schoology account & "attach" to their child(ren) to see any/all information. Please contact Tricia Kluener or Kori Woodrum for help.

check iT OUT!


2.   Use Progress Book to view your child’s grades.  If you need help, contact Ms. Lisa Jeffrey @ 863-1251.


3.   Set aside a Specific time Every day for HW & studying.  

         Routines work!


4.   Ask to see completed HW. If your student can't, don't be afraid to bring them back to school to get supplies.


5.   Email the teachers with questions or concerns:

a.  Julie.Jarvis@rossrams.com (7th gr LA) 

b.  Nolan.Henry@rossrams.com (Social Studies) 

c.   Jennifer.Rettig@rossrams.com (8th gr LA) 

d.  Kori.Woodrum@rossrams.com (Science)

e. Karen.Conrad@rossrams.com (Intervention Specialist) 

f. Math or Special area teachers, please click here for the Staff Directory from the RMS page


         6. Use after school “Study Skills” – 1 hour after school Mon – Thurs.  
                     * 2 teachers stay in the library & computer lab for 
                        extra help. (Ask for additional details.)